The importance of a good personalized insurance is that if something happens

Your policy covers

I need to ensure the civil liability of my business, I want to cover everything and not have any problems.

We will analyse your economic activity, your risks and your needs and we will offer you an insurance tailored to what you need.

Do you insure industrial buildings?

Yes, we insure any type of risk. We are highly specialized in insurance law, so the insurances we offer are highly qualified, so as not to have surprises when a claim occurs. High quality product because our attorneys have previously reviewed it.

I have a high-end car, could you offer me a good price with good coverage?

Of course, we will offer you the best insurance that suits your needs and possibilities, in order not to have surprises. 

With which insurers do you work?

Only with the best, with the serious ones that responds when when a claim happens and the coverage exists.


Can I put coverage for my business to ensure in the case of a pandemic or forced closure?

Yes, as has already happened, a lot of our customers who had hired a GAINS AND LOSSES COVERAGE, they have been able to receive compensation for the lost earnings.