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How do we divide the inheritance?

For the distribution of the inheritance, several points must be taken into account, including whether it is a testate inheritance or not. Here we will analyse all the documentation of the deceased and we will provide you with complete legal advice.

What could I do if one of the heirs does not want to accept the inheritance?

A few years ago this type of situation could only be fixed by going to court. But since the entry into force of the new Voluntary Jurisdiction Law, the process can be carried out by notarial means, which simplifies and speeds up the process.

If there is no will, can I inherit?

Yes, you can inherit. In these cases the inheritance will be shared between the relatives in equal parts. It is a much more complex procedure when carrying out the entire succession process, we always recommend making a will so that all the wishes of the deceased will be reflected and it is more difficult for third parties to cause problems. 

I have been disinherited, can I inherit the legal portion? 

Yes, you have the right to claim your share from the heir/s. In Catalonia the legal part is a quarter of the inheritance (in the Spanish Civil Code, a third) and it corresponds to the heir to pay it with the assets of the inheritance or with his personal patrimony.

How could I manage my inheritance in order one of my children doesn’t receive anything? Is possible that only my children that deserve it inherit?

In order to disinherit a child you have to leave it expressly declared in the will and it is not so simple, you have to know how to do it. We will advise and inform you of how to proceed correctly.