High experience and preparation along with a way of being ideal for a lawyer summed up in insisting, resisting, persisting and never giving up.

Bet on our lawyers, we are the light that you lack to be able to achieve your goals and defeat those who prevent you.


In a firm specialized in companies, businesses, freelancers and Startups you cannot miss this section, where you will find all the services that you need or may need at every moment of the life of your business. Look no further, because everything you need to make your business work well, have fewer problems and can earn more money, you have with us.


Angel Aso

Founder & CEO

Julia Lunar

General Manager & Partner

Mark Aso Roldan

Business Psychologist

Tania Aso

Tax & Accountant Assistant

Jesus Molina

Tax & Accountant Asistant

Daniel Fernandez 

Business Coach

Abel González

Business Branding