What companies are required to perform an equality plan?

 From 03/07/2022, it is mandatory for all companies with at least 50 employees to prepare and apply an equality plan.

 What are the objectives of an equality plan?

 – Equal treatment and opportunities.

– Homogenize equality criteria.

– Personal and work conciliation.

– Gender perspective in the company.

– Ensure pay equity.

– Encourage the incorporation of women.


What are the consequences of not having a Gender Equality Plan? The amount of the sanctions will depend on the seriousness of the infraction:

– Minor and major infractions: sanctions between 750 and 7,500 euros.

– Very serious infringements: from 7,501 to 225,018 euros.

– Loss of financial support, subsidy or bonus related to job creation programs for a minimum period of 6 months.


Let’s eliminate behaviors of the past and create equal employment. Do you need help to create it? Contact us!


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 Publication by Carlos Suárez – Labour Department

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