Tax experts with international working groups to tackle projects as tax advisers 

In different markets and economic sectors

General taxation.

Mergers and Acquisitions. Business Reorganizations.

International taxation. 

Real estate taxation

Inspections and procedure tax

Transfer prices

International mobility and expatriations

Family business taxation

Tax advice for large national and international assets

Company taxation

Indirect taxes

Local taxation and autonomous community

Tributación local y comunidad autónoma. 

Taxation of natural persons

Family office advice

Special scheme for impatriates: Beckam Law.

Tax planning in the Wealth Tax.

International investment vehicles: holding companies, foundations, sicav, investment funds, life insurance, etc.

Optimization of remuneration policies for executives and administrators.

Fiscal assistance in family protocols.

Tax advice in matrimonial agreements, dissolution of the joint property company or extinction of the matrimonial economic regime of separation of assets.