We will enforce your rights by the public administration, regardless of who they are.

Whatever it is

I want to apply for Spanish nationality, how can I do it?

We fully process your Spanish nationality preventing you from wasting time with unnecessary steps, guaranteeing a positive result.

I have pathologies that totally or partially limit my daily life. Can I request a degree of disability?

We request your degree of disability towards you can benefit from the deductions in the presentation of the income statement, from the reductions in the annual payment of the vehicle circulation tax, so that you can have access to a parking space for the disabled.

I have received a traffic ticket. Could I appeal it?

Here you will have the most complete legal advice on administrative offenses to deal with traffic fines in the most efficient way.

If an administration has been negligent. Am I entitled to compensation for damage suffered?

Yes, the damages caused by an action or an omission of the Public Administrations may give rise to the patrimonial liability of the Administration. We will be responsible for evaluating the concurrence of the requirements to determine if there is liability, as well as, the amount of compensation to be claimed for the damage caused.