Leave your private live in the hands of the best team of lawyers

We will get you the best results. 

I need help to draw up a service agreement. 

In order to avoid hasty decisions, before carrying out any binding decision or operation is essential take into account with Legal Advising 

For that reason we will assist in the drafting and the revision of all type of contracts, reviewing the law enforcement and ensuring your interests. 

I want to claim an amount that I have not been paid.

In Aso Corporate we will work for the repayment of the amounts payable, in an agile and fast way.  Our goal is get the payment in an extrajudicial way avoiding the costs of a judicial way. We will recover your money for you.

I have been sued and I need a lawyer.

Our expertise lawyers will be with throughout the judicial procedure. Not only in the advice and previous information, but also in writing briefs, attending trials and so on.