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My ex-partner does not pay me the alimony, what do I do?

Non-payment of alimony can be claimed in court through two channels, civil or criminal.

We will explain you what these procedures consist of, what are the steps to take and why choose one way or another depending on your specific case.

If my child is of legal age. Should I continue paying alimony?

The Spanish legal system does not establish a maximum age to extinguish the obligation, it is usually considered that the child of legal age continues to have the right to this pension if he cannot meet his economic needs independently.


I have been in charge of taking care of the children and of household tasks. For that reason, I have not been able to work. Am I entitled to an economic benefit?

Yes, in case of an economic imbalance as a result of the separation or divorce, you would be entitled to receive a compensatory pension.

We will help you determine your situation and calculate the pension that you would be entitled to receive.