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How can I protect my business brand?

You can protect: words or combinations of words, images, figures, symbols, graphics, letters, and figures, three-dimensional shapes (wrappers, containers, and shapes of the product or its representation) can be brands.

In order to have the exclusive right to use an identification sign of your product or service in the market, you must register it at the corresponding office, to obtain the  right to protect it from third parties. If you need advice on the procedure to be carried out, contact us.

How do I know if my invention can be patentable?

A new procedure, a new product, or an improvement of them can be the subject of a patent, as long as they are not forbidden by law. Every patentable invention must present an element of novelty and must involve an inventive step as well as be capable of industrial application.

Do I need a trademark registration if I already have a web domain name?

How can I protect business secrets?

The law attributes to the owner of the secrets to prevent the obtaining, use and disclosure of protected information, which does not require any official registration to be effective but does accredit the effective implementation of technical and legal measures to protect said business secrets.

To find out what may be susceptible to business secrecy and how to carry out its protection and defence, contact us.