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I want to give money or goods to a person. How could I do it to avoid paying taxes?

It is important that you request adequate advice from our tax experts. They will analyse the operation and will provide you with all possible legal options to achieve your goal.

If I get a tax inspection, do I need a lawyer?

We advise and defend you against inspection, investigation and tax verification procedures. It is essential that you are well advised as it can have serious consequences.

Is filing the income tax return safe? In case of error, who responds?

The Treasury is not responsible for what is presented at its headquarters, it is a mistake to think that when it appears at the Treasury it is already the responsibility of the Treasury. The responsibility is still yours to the maximum, apart from the fact that in the Treasury they try to look inside everything they can in favour of the administration.

How should I declare the income I receive from various countries?

We help you determine where you should pay taxes to avoid double taxation.