Extensive career in all areas of the real estate sector with a legal and business perspective.

Your goals are ours.

In real estate investments, do not play it.

With a solid reputation, we provide advice on highly complex real estate negotiations and transactions based on detailed knowledge of the various markets. Our experience allows us to provide advice on buying and selling properties and real estate companies, leases, promotion contracts, construction contracts, real estate financing and legal configuration of large properties. Personalized service based on deep technical rigor.

I need help in purchasing a house.

We offer a real estate due diligence service, not only at a legal level, but also administrative, registry, municipal and tax (charges and levies, registry situation, urban situation, among others) to give you the greatest peace of mind in a step as important as acquiring a property.

How can I get my home back if my tenant doesn’t pay the rent?

In the event of non-payment or delay, it is appropriate to initiate a judicial eviction procedure for non-payment. It is a relatively quick mechanism to obtain the recovery of the property as well as all those amounts that have been unpaid until the moment of the final delivery of the property.

What expenses does the formalization house sale contract entail and who must pay them?

Notary, registry, ITP, VAT, municipal capital gain. It is important to be aware of the expenses or taxes that must be borne at the moment selling and buying a property you must be aware our services:

Preliminary tax planning of the investment (entry, maintenance and divestment).

  • Tax due diligence (share deal + asset deal).
  • Tax advice during the negotiation of sales contracts.
  • Advice on real estate operations, delegated developer, rehabilitation, financing.
  • Advice to and on investment vehicles: SOCIMI, investment funds, equity companies.
  • Analysis of reorganization and optimization operations; special tax regimes.
  • Review of cadastral values ​​and assessment of tax impact (IBI, IIVTNU, IAE, etc.)
  • Management and, where appropriate, recovery of the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IIVTNU or Municipal Capital Gain).