Don’t be fooled by your insurance company

We will get you the highest compensation possible.

Hire us, we are a specialized team of lawyers, experts and doctors specialized in accidents, to get the highest possible compensation. Acting fast is our motto, actions prescribe and work against you.

I have had an accident and I have suffered injuries. Can I claim compensation?

Yes, you can claim and get compensation. With specialized lawyers, you can achieve much more.

How much does it cost for a lawyer to claim compensation from me?

By having contracted an insurance with legal protection coverage, you can come to us without having to invest anything.

What if I go to trial for a car accident and lose?

We must consider trying to avoid trial as many times as possible, there are unavoidable cases, but if we want to get more compensation and quickly, you will leave it in the hands of expert lawyers in accidents and negotiation like us.

If I go to trial for a traffic accident, will I have to pay costs?

It depends on how it has been processed, you run the risk of being ordered to pay costs. It is advisable that you opt for a lawyer who explains well all the pros and cons of each action that is carried out.

Is the same if I process it with the lawyer that the company gives me, is it the same as with another lawyer that I choose?

At the cost level, yes, it will cost you zero euros independently of choosing the company lawyer or another one. The only difference is that the lawyer you choose will look to get the maximum compensation possible, because the lawyer’s client is you.