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Can companies commit crimes and can they be convicted of it? These are some of the crimes that a company can commit directly or indirectly:

Scams, punishable insolvencies, computer damages, damages to intellectual and industrial property, disclosure of company secrets, damages against consumer rights, damages against the market, corruption, money laundering, illegal financing of political parties, damages against public health, against the rights of foreign citizens, unauthorized constructions, fraud against the AEAT, TGSS or subsidies, counterfeiting of currency, embezzlement, influence peddling, smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution and sexual exploitation, organ trafficking, among others.

Has my company been able to commit a crime?

Yes, it is necessary to supervise the actions and processes, to avoid worse evils as soon as possible and to establish defence strategies to contain and avoid the damage. Once contained, it will be interesting to assess preventive action with criminal compliance.

What consequences can my company and I have for a crime committed by the company?

From the suspension of the company and all its activity or dissolution and to very high fines, which can affect partners and managers.

Can I prevent crimes in my company in any way?

The criminal compliance that we can apply in your business according to our legal prevention policy is the only safe and accredited way to prevent your company from committing crimes.

If I have kept money that does not belong to me and I have been reported, what can I do?

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you and we can define the following steps. In these cases a good legal strategy is necessary. Everything is possible.

What are the consequences that my company could have for a crime of this type?

The criminal penalties applicable can range from a fine proportional to the value of the crime to the dissolution of the company, through the suspension of its ability to act in legal traffic or carry out any kind of activity, even if it is lawful, or even the closure of establishments for a period of up to five years.

In conclusion, the consequences can be very serious. Another thing to take into account is the possible reputational damage that can cause to the company.

How can I prevent the commission of these crimes?

In order to prevent the commission of crimes by its employees and positions of responsibility, it is necessary to implement a criminal prevention or compliance program in the company.