We settle situations which a priori seem impossible to solve.

That a priori seem impossible to solve

I have been fired and I don’t know how to proceed.

We take care of the analysis and advice of the reasons and justifications for the dismissal and, where appropriate, of the claim for the compensation that belongs to you for the years worked in the company and similar amounts.

I have labour conflicts and I don’t know how to resolve it. Could I be object of workplace mobbing? 

We will detect if the requirements that determine the existence of workplace bullying are met, and, in that case, we will define the best strategy to follow in order to solve these type of situations in the most satisfactory wat possible.

I have problems with my medical leave. If I have permanent injuries that prevent me from working. What could I do?

We advise you how to face the situation and prepare and define, with guarantees, the viability of your case. Our specialists will indicate the degree of disability that could correspond to you depending on the degree of limitation.

At what age could I retire and how much money will I get paid? I am close to retirement age and I would like to know the pension I will have left?

We carry out a simulation in order you could know when you can retire and the amount of the pension you will receive. Knowing that, will grant you peace of mind and security regarding the economic conditions of your future.