An efficient defence endorsed

by our extensive experience, audacity and knowledge in criminal procedure.

We have an extensive experience in high profile cases, highly complex. We know the importance of protecting your criminal expedient and avoiding severe injuries that will accompany your life. We know the anguish and anxiety that an accusation cause could provoke you. Do not hesitate, invest in your future.

Property damage, sexual assault, pornography, gender and domestic violence, homicide, fraud and misappropriation, drug trafficking.

Can my charges be dropped?

With a good legal strategy anything is possible. The most important thing is that your rights are not violated, whatever happened.

What can I do if I am found guilty?

You will not have a final resolution, which means that is not firm and we will be able to study the points where to attack if we consider it viable to appeal.

If I am a victim of a crime, what should I do?

You have several possibilities. If at the moment your physical or moral integrity is in danger, call 112. If you are not in imminent danger, take good advice, we can offer you several strategies that will help you achieve your objective and you will need to know all the consequences of the criminal process.